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A new life perspective: Words of a client to himself

The New Life Perspective

“Accept what happened and what you went through as a part of personal growth only.
It’s now time to let go of resentment and put the past where it belongs …. behind you, and look ahead.
I know the responsibilities are unbelievably overwhelming. I have faith…. I believe in you.
Accept what you do. Be grateful …. It’s what you were meant to do…. Your destiny and purpose.
Everything happens for reasons. You may not realize it now but you will eventually.
You’ve been so lucky and blessed in your life…. Be thankful, no matter what happens in the future.
Accept ¬†where you are at this moment …. everything led to NOW.
Most importantly you’ve been honest and true to yourself and your soul…. nothing ¬†else matters.
Get rid of that chip on your shoulder …. lighten up.
NOW is the time to create a NEW LIFE for yourself …. Start Dreaming.
You have what many people don’t get …. a Second Chance … Please don’t waste it my dear friend.”

RSB 11-04-5015