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chakra2Energy Healing is vital to wellness and balance. Everything is energy. We are energy. Around our physical body we have our own “biofield” of energy, often referred to as our “aura”. From here, the energy enters the physical body through 7 main “Chakras” that run up the centre of the body. These are often described as spiraling vortexes of energy. Each of these is associated with a particular colour, sound, organ of the body and emotional issue. Energy is drawn into these chakras from the energy that is all around us and then it is distributed throughout the physical body by means of the “energy meridians”. These are like the highways that carry the energy to all parts of our body. This is the level at which an acupuncturist works. An acupuncturist knows where to insert the needles into these meridians to affect the flow of energy in order to achieve the change or release of pain they are after.Energetic disruptions or “perturbations” can occur at any of these levels. Each of these energy systems can become unbalanced, compromised or blocked due to emotional issues, stress, trauma etc. A balanced system is healthy and well. An unbalanced system is not. In life there are always stressors, and a balanced system can respond to these and recover. However, if a person is in a constant state of energy inbalance these stressors take their toll, the energy body can not recover and physical illness eventually occurs. sun

We have an “energetic body”, an “emotional body” and a “physical body”. The energetic body surrounds the physical body usually about as far out as the arms extend in any direction, though this can be expanded or contracted in certain situations or states. The emotional body surrounds the physical body usually about a 2-12 inches off the body. When something disrupts a person’s balance it begins in the “energetic body”. It is unformed yet, it is still in the pure energy form, and as such it can be very easily remedied. If a person does not deal with the disruption at the energetic level it will become emotional and affect the “emotional body”. This is when emotional stress begins. At this level it is still relatively easy to correct. However, if the difficulty is still not dealt with, then it eventually becomes “physical” and physical illness sets in.


Lesley works at all of these levels to provide energy clearing and balancing. Various “off-the-body” techniques are utilized to clear the aura, the chakras and the meridians, and to re-energize, re-balance and re-vitalize the client. She also employs “Reiki” to further balance, relax and restore the client to a healthy and balanced state. The results are usually immediate and long lasting.

The body is a “self-healing mechanism” and when balanced it is healthy and well, and can maintain vitality and joy. When out of balance it is not, and illness eventually sets in.

Imagine the body’s energy flow as a river. When un-hindered the water flows freely. However, if there are too many logs, leaves, rocks or mud in the river, the flow of water is held back, slowed, or blocked entirely. Our system is like that. We need to clear away all the blocks, energetic and emotional and allow the natural flow of energy to feed every cell of the body.

Imagine “Pigpen” from the Charlie Brown comics …. that is what we look like when we carry energetic baggage from the past or present, and it bogs us down.

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