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“I watch broken souls walk in, and healed ones walk out.. – Lesley Hannell

This is exactly what Lesley did for me. I went into therapy with such a heavy weight of sadness, guilt, sense of being broken, hopelessness, and emptiness. Lesley gave me the tools to heal myself, and turned my sadness into happiness, guilt into glory, broken into healed, hopelessness into optimism, and emptiness into fullness and gave me an appreciation for life. I had lost all the self appreciation and drive I used to have. Lesley taught me how to love myself again. I am a different person coming out of therapy and I am so grateful to have chosen her as my therapist. She was a life changer for me and honestly, she saved my life. Thank you Lesley from the bottom of my heart, for all your guidance and support. I wouldn’t be who I am today without you. ”


15 years old….

July 2017

“I was required to attend mandatory counseling sessions as a result of an inappropriate comment made during an employment bus trip.  At first you convince yourself that the comment slipped out as a result of that one “extra” glass of wine.  You believe that the comment was a “one-off” and clearly not intended, so do you really need sensitivity training?

Well, you know what? After several sessions with Lesley my entire perspective of what is appropriate at work and even socially has been dramatically altered.  I truly expected to leave my sessions with a heavy heart feeling emotionally drained at having to truthfully admit very personal feelings and thoughts to a stranger.  The experience produced entirely the opposite effect.

Lesley displays no judgment and voices only encouragement, guidance and support.  We delved into so many other areas of my life and I realized that her direction lead me to look at people and situations in a whole new light.  Now I find myself talking less and listening more.  I have the ability to emphasize when before I never thought it necessary.  I find myself wanting others to realize that positive comments are so much more uplifting than the unnecessary negative connotations we often place on others.

I decided to author this testimonial so that others can perhaps recognize the benefits of even a couple of sessions with such a warm-hearted, truly professional therapist such a Lesley.  She offers you insight and examples which ultimately plant the seed that make you want to change aspects of your life; including how you interact with others around you.  I feel so much more positive and albeit somewhat of a cliché – “lighter”.

This experience, which started out as totally embarrassing and upsetting for me, has evolved into a gift which I hope others are as grateful to experience.  Lesley is not a stranger at all but a guide to a more positive YOU” Smile

BAJ –  May 2012

“In the last month or so, I have gone through a rather profound, life changing experience. The experience led to a a recent event that was causing me a great deal of angst. I felt that I had almost no one I could  talk to on the kind of level that was needed. There was also no textbook or manual to pull off the shelf to tell me how to deal with what I was going through. I decided to see Lesley.

Lesley provides counselling services from her office in downtown Dundas. Her office is the perfect environment, in that it is very relaxing and peaceful. It is more like a home than an office, so it put me at ease immediately.

Just having someone to talk to who wasn’t biased, judgmental, or too close to me, was extremely beneficial and therapeutic. In addition, Lesley gave me some advice and some thoughts that helped to calm me down, which I really desperately needed. It helped me face the event that was causing me so much stress.

The event turned into something quite wonderful and positive. It will shape my life for years to come, and is something that only a precious few people will ever encounter. I thank Lesley for helping me through this. Based on my personal experience with her, I have no trouble recommending her to people who could benefit from the counselling she provides”

AP, 2010

“Years ago, my husband and I came to Lesley’s office and we began the process of changing our lives. With our little baby she coached and gave us the tools to begin a new life together. Some time after, I went to see Lesley on my own for added direction and strength. It was in these meetings that the seeds of a new journey were planted. I giggle when I think of her teaching us techniques to avoid getting caught in the cycle of negative attention seeking behaviour with our oldest daughter. She mentioned maybe I came into my husband and my step daughter’s life for my step daughter. In truth, she was sent to me. She was classed as ADHD and I have a new lens for these children. She became a driving force for us to find support mechanisms for children just like her, because there is NOTHING WRONG with them.

We always refer to Lesley as “our Angel”. I believe so strongly that she she is an angel and moreover that she were a gift from Heaven if we were ready to listen, learn and act.

Our lives have changed and we live a miracle EVERY day. We no longer work in the Corporate world, and we have both trained in a number of energetic healing modalities. Our passion is for the children classed with ADHD and other attention related “disorders”. We strive to help families to find other methods outside of heavy narcotics to get their children through a school day. We have been able to manifest our dream with a beautiful centre located 5 minutes from our house.

Thank you Lesley. Thank you for the seeds. Thank you for the direction. You are such and integral part of our work.

With love and gratitude”

CD, 2010

“I have been going to see Lesley for counselling for many years now. She has helped myself and my family, in very significant ways, through the ups and downs of what life can bring you. Stress can be dealt with in many ways, but I have found out over the years that talking to Lesley, listening to her suggestions and processing things from a different perspective, has absolutely changed my life in an incredibly positive way. Her calming presence, compassion and obvious care has ways of turning things around. Also, her office is so welcoming that as soon as you enter you can already feel the stress dissolving away!

At the moment I am taking a Meditation class with Lesley that she runs throughout the year. Her class is, without question, the best Meditation class I have ever been to. Her approach makes the learning process very simple and her technique is very unique, getting huge results in a very short time.

Thank you Lesley so much for your ongoing support and guidance through the ups and downs, and for changing my life in an enormous, positive way.”

JR, 2010

“Two days with Lesley during the Inner Journey Transformation workshop did for me what some might take a lifetime to figure out.

I started seeing Lesley a mere 3 weeks before this workshop was being held and when I saw the description of it, it really drew me in. I knew I needed to resolve a kind of emptiness that I had been feeling for quite some time (years, really) but didn’t know what the void was or where it even stemmed from. The Inner Journey Transformation workshop sounded like it was an opportunity for me to at least get an idea of how to deal with my issues.

I found the Energy Psychology work that Lesley did with me very effective. What began as a core belief- a long, set-in fear- virtually dissolved after a very simple exercise. My eyes were opened to this new and efficient method of truly changing my course of thinking from a negative standpoint to a stronger and more positive self-esteem.

Lesley incorporated meditation during the workshop with ease. She maintained a calmness that made it very simple to focus on the reflections and thoughts

I would recommend Lesley to anyone who feels the need to fulfil an aspect of his or her life that may otherwise feel lost, or incomplete. She manages to make a connection with elements of existence that are sometimes incapable of attaining single-handedly ”

L.B. 2009

“I finally decided a few years ago that I could not handle things on my own and I needed the help of a Therapist . There were so many Therapists to choose from, and I did not know which one was going to be able to help me. I was very skeptical. I chose Lesley solely by her picture on the internet and my gut instinct. I wondered if this was the person I was looking for. It turned out it was the best choice of my life.

I’m writing this letter as a testimonial so you won’t have to rely on luck in respect to your emotional health. I was lucky. I don’t think a lot of people are as lucky as I.

It was a dark period in my life when I began looking for a Therapist. I was an emotional mess; sad, angry, hurt, resentful and overall just deeply depressed. Every session felt like we were letting a little more light in so that I could realize issues I had to deal with. She provided a safe place to work through my feelings under her guidance and support. Through these sessions I realized what changes I had to make in myself. The best way I can describe my experience is this; it was like a different world and a breath of fresh air I didn’t even realize I needed in order to deal with the work I had to do in the future.

She helped change the way I viewed the world and my place in it. She provided me with useful tools. I will be relying on these tools the rest of my life for my emotional stability. She made me realize that I had the power and ability to change my feelings and, in turn, my perspective, and ultimately my life.

I’m no longer sad, angry hurt, resentful or depressed. I’m more positive about my future and my life. I’m realistic, and I know I may have these feeling creep into my life again. However, I now have the ability to deal with them that I didn’t have in the past. Those dark days  won’t last as long. I will make sure of it. I now have the tools to deal with it. I guess I’m a work in progress. I now have the power to make myself happy as long as I’m courageous enough to take action and just do it.

Thanks Lesley, you gave me the greatest gift I ever got; the tools and the ability to deal with myself. I have empowered myself with your help, support and guidance.  I’m a much stronger person today then I’ve ever been in my entire life.

You changed my life.

My everlasting deepest thanks and gratitude.”

RB, 2010

“I was going through some extreme anger issues that really needed addressing. I was at a point where I just got so angry at everything I just could not take it anymore. I was hurting my loved ones and just slowly destroying myself in the end. Immediately the effects of the therapy after just the 1st session alone was incredible I couldn’t believe it, and after my final session, the 4th, I just can’t explain it but I just felt a change that is indescribable.

I don’t know what it was or how it worked but it definitely worked. You just really have to give it a chance even though at first it may sound weird but if you put in the effort that is asked of you, which isn’t that much compared to other “therapists”. Trust me I have seen a few myself.

What I’m saying is that Lesley is the person if you have things that need figuring out like I did just try and put in the effort you will not regret it”

TM, 2011 (age 19)

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