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Words of a client on his Journey to healing

Relax and Let Go (meditation CD 23 min)

The Quest and Prayer
“My quest is an attempt to define and develop my character in order that I may accept my true destiny, realizing I can only do so much and God will do the rest for we are partners in life’s journey. It is the journey that really matters, given the realities of the world today. My job is trying to be the best I can possibly be, in the eyes of God, His job is the outcome. I have done my best, so the outcome does not matter. If the outcome is what I hoped for then I am blessed, if it’s not what I hoped and planned for then I’m blessed with the opportunity to learn about myself, the world around me and manage disappointment while realizing that the difficulties are making me stronger. I can’t control what people do out of greed, self centeredness or ego. I won’t allow their actions to affect the essence of who I strive to be. They are not a factor in the essence of my existence. No matter what, I will always be ok because of who I am and how hard I work at it. For God watches over my daily struggles in a largely egotistical, unconscionable world. I am always in a search of people who view themselves as instruments of God through similar motivations and philosophies. I will never allow negative emotions, greed, desire, self-centredness or comparison “ego” to impact my soul. I am grateful to God for the lessons in life He has taught me, and I’m proud of my role in this journey called LIFE for I am only passing through. I pray that God give me the ability to be aware of others and of self, along with the strength, wisdom and determination, in order that I may balance the two through my thoughts, words and actions so as to follow my path of destiny with peace and humility in fulfilling my god-given potential and that I may grow into becoming the best I can possibly be in the eyes of God. Amen”   RSB 01-27-2014