Relationship Conflict

Often we find ourselves stuck in what seems to be a never ending story…. the same difficulties in each relationship we have. This may be due to a “learned pattern” that we carry around with us. Our own perceptions create the reality we are living, and it may be due to some of our own early life decisions that we seem to keep repeating these patterns.

While growing up we make decisions about OURSELVES, OTHERS, and the WORLD in general, that may make sense to us as a young child but may not in fact be true. These decisions may have to do with things such as SELF WORTH and SAFETY, and they then then become the CORE BELIEFS that run the sub-program in the computer that is us as we grow up.

By exploring these early life decisions, which by the way are SUB-CONSCIOUS, and becoming aware of how our PERCEPTIONS keep us “stuck” we can then begin to make the changes we so desire to make, in order to live the life and have the relationships we want.

Watch for more information to come on how we do this.