Relationship Stress

Do you ever feel like you are falling into the same old patterns in relationships, or getting involved with “the same person” just in a different body?

Often it can be parts of our own “shadow side” that keep attracting the same variables  into our life. As we grow up we make decisions about life and things that are happening in our life…. even if they aren’t true, like not being “good enough”. We make decisions and form opinions about Self, others, and the world in general.

These early life decisions become CORE BELIEFS . They become the SCRIPT by which we live our life. It is obvious that we do not WANT to attract negativity, or aggression, or disrespect, or poverty into our lives, yet sometimes it may feel like this is exactly what we are doing.

How to stop these patterns is to first become aware of the deeper dynamics and understand WHY we developed these belief systems, and then to consciously CHANGE them so we can attract what we really want into our life.

More to come …..