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Weekly Articles

Horse Therapy ~ for People

Dealing with life issues?  My horse Lizzie and I can help!  It’s called Horse Therapy.  Check out this great article written by my journalist friend, Karen. “The cool thing about horses – they don’t have prejudice.  They don’t care if you’re tall or thin, dark or light, or if you’re rich or poor.  They don’t care about that.  They care about how you make them feel.” – Buck Brannaman They say there are no coincidences.  I believe that’s true. Part of the reason I believe it is that just a week or so after I had the privilege of visiting psychotherapist …Read More

Mindfulness helps teens cope with stress, anxiety

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — As the morning school bell rings and students rush through crowded corridors, teenagers in one Portland classroom settle onto mats and meditation pillows. They fall silent after the teacher taps a Tibetan “singing bowl.” “Allow yourself to settle into the experience of being here, in this moment,” teacher Caverly Morgan tells two dozen students at Wilson High School. The students are enrolled in a for-credit, year-long mindfulness class meant to ease youth anxiety and depression and to prevent violence. For 90 minutes, three days a week, they practice a mix of yoga, sitting and walking meditation, …Read More

Workshop Series 2014-15

IMPROVE YOUR LIFE A series of workshops geared towards improving your life. Learn to relax, change your perceptions and connect with your deeper authentic self. Be happier in your present life and create the future you desire NOV 22, 2014: Meditation for Daily Living JAN 17, 2015: Energy Chakras – Working with the Energy of the Body FEB 21, 2015: Energy Medicine – Healing the Light Body MAR 21, 2015: Connect with your Inner Guides & Spiritual Self APR 11, 2015: Soul Retrieval – Retrieve Lost Parts of Self & Reclaim your Authentic Self 9am-5pm Bring a Lunch,  a blanket …Read More

Addressing youth mental health key to tackling suicide prevention

  Addressing youth mental health key to tackling suicide prevention DR. PETER SZATMARI Special to The Globe and Mail Published Tuesday, Sep. 09 2014, 3:22 PM EDT As we settle into the school year, we’re reminded of the stresses our kids can face. Many kids are able to cope with the daily demands of their lives, but for a significant number who cannot, the outcome can be extreme and tragic. We take stock of what we know about suicide as we acknowledge World Suicide Prevention Day on Sept. 10, especially as it relates to what is happening in Canada. Suicide is …Read More

Living a Balanced Life

Creating balance in life can sometimes be more challenging than we may think it should be. Often emotional, physical and energetic factors can create a state of imbalance and the result can be stress, anxiety, depression, fatigue, and physical illness. Finding a safe person to talk to in a therapeutic way can help, and also can clearing and balancing our energy body. Our energy body is comprised of the Aura, or Bio-field, the 7 main Energy Chakras, and the 14 main Energy Meridians that carry the vital life force (Chi) throughout the body. We can become blocked at any of these leves and …Read More

Self Esteem

Self Esteem plays a very big part in determining if we are happy in our life or not. Early life experiences can dramatically affect how we feel about ourself and what we expect from our life and others in our life. The true key to happiness is to love yourself first and then you will attract to you positivity. When we define ourself by external factors, like other’s opinions of us or how we compare to others we set ourself up for disappointment and often end up feeling out of control of our life and powerless. True satisfaction has to come from …Read More

Relationship Stress

Do you ever feel like you are falling into the same old patterns in relationships, or getting involved with “the same person” just in a different body? Often it can be parts of our own “shadow side” that keep attracting the same variables  into our life. As we grow up we make decisions about life and things that are happening in our life…. even if they aren’t true, like not being “good enough”. We make decisions and form opinions about Self, others, and the world in general. These early life decisions become CORE BELIEFS . They become the SCRIPT by which …Read More

Meditation helps to reduce Stress

Stress is the biggest cause of illness in our world today and Meditation can help to reduce the effects of Stress on our minds and bodies. Stress is an internal response to an external event. How we FEEL and BEHAVE when we experience stress is largely a result of our PERCEPTIONS. Two people can experience the same event and have a totallly different response to it. Our perceptions create our reality and as such if we can be aware of and change our perceptioins then we can change our reality. Learning to focus attention internally, relax the body and quiet …Read More