Energy Psychology – What is it?

Energy Psychology – What is it?

Energy psychology utilizes energy fields present in our body to create shifts in our emotions and behaviours to increase wellbeing. Its methods come from ancient spiritual healing techniques like yoga and acupuncture.

One main technique of energy psychology is tapping. This tapping is derived from the benefits experienced by acupuncture. To perform tapping, one will tap the acupressure points where acupuncture needles would normally go. These points are connected to the meridians in the body to stimulate neurons in the brain which create somatic, energetic and emotional shifts.

This tapping has a role in psychotherapy settings since it acts as a supplement to regular talk therapy. Tapping is a way to integrate the mind and the body.

Pillars of the approach include: Fred Gallo, David Feinstein and Dawson Church, all linked below.

Fred Gallo website

Video created by David Feinstein explaining Energy Psychology

David Feinstein’s website

Dawson Church website

By Jenna Morrison