In Difficult Times

In Difficult Times

In these extraordinary times we are currently experiencing I am reminded of my intention back in late December 2019, to spend more time in Nature, Reconnecting, Rewilding, Remembering.

Now that we are all finding ourselves spending lots of time alone, and have plenty of time to reflect, it is a perfect time to spend time in meditation and in nature.

I find myself sitting for long periods outside, or looking out of windows, getting to know the birds, squirrels and other wild animals on my property. While it is a time like I have never experienced before, and most of my “normal” life has changed, it is a time of peace, a time when everything just has to stop. It is a time when I reflect on all that is important to me and all that I love.

I find myself overwhelmed with gratitude for all those health care workers, decision makers, supply chain operators, and grocery people, just to name a few. I feel humbled to just have to sit here at home and do nothing that I might normally do. I often feel that I am not doing enough to help in this crazy time. However, I hear over and over again from politicians and health advisers that this is exactly what they want us to do to help flatten the curve and reduce the spread.

So then I try to make the best use of this time that I have, to ponder, to pause and to plan. I reflect on what makes me who I am and all that I have built in my life, including relationships with others. I think that this is the hardest to be separated from – the relationships that I have created with all the people in my life. Of course I stay in touch, perhaps even more these days, through phone calls and video calls, but I find that human connection, that touch, that physical presence is what I miss so much. There is an energy that is shared when I am with another person and I miss that. I miss hugging my children and my grandchildren. I miss how easy it was to spend time together, to eat a meal together, to touch and be touched.

Times like this are gifts in that we are called to step up and to be aware. To see how easy it is to take for granted all that we have and all that we love. Now is the time to be truly present and to be mindful always.

Accept and Let Go. Be Here Now. All Things Shall Pass. Each Moment is the Only Moment. Forgive and Love. Life is Short.