Living a Balanced Life

Living a Balanced Life

Creating balance in life can sometimes be more challenging than we may think it should be. Often emotional, physical and energetic factors can create a state of imbalance and the result can be stress,

anxiety, depression, fatigue, and physical illness. Finding a safe person to talk to in a therapeutic way can help, and also can clearing and balancing our energy body.

Our energy body is comprised of the Aura, or Bio-field, the 7 main Energy Chakras, and the 14 main Energy Meridians that carry the vital life force (Chi) throughout the body. We can become blocked at any of these leves and like any system that is blocked or out of balance, things begin to not work so well, and we experience the limiting effects.

It is easy to restore balance to the energy body and it can be maintained by learning and using a few simple techniques that can be easily learned.

As part of your Spring Cleaning, why not try a session of Energy Balancing and experience the positive effects of living in balance.