Releasing Fear

Releasing Fear



When we talk about a  “Meditative Practice” or a “Spiritual Practice”, that’s exactly what it is ….. practice for times like this, when we need to draw on all our tools and techniques to help us stay at peace and not afraid while we live in times of distress and so many unknowns.

While listening to a recent Podcast on Sounds True, Insights at the Edge, by Mark Nepo, I found the following words uplifting and inspiring:

“Acceptance dis-empowers Fear” and “Anxiety is the Dizziness of Freedom”

Fear limits us from being able to fully embrace the Here and Now. It prevents us from experiencing how precious everything we HAVE is.

If we can embrace the philosophy of accepting “What Is”, and realize that all of life is “Right Now”, Right where you are, we might be able to appreciate better and let go of FEAR.

Anxiety has to do with feeling out of control. It has to do with the first two needs identified in Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs that we as humans all have. That is physiological needs and the need to feel Safe. When we feel out of control we feel unsafe and hence anxiety can settle in.

Acceptance and learning how to relax at will and trust, all help to dispel anxiety. It can help us to feel safe, centered and grounded.

Meditation is the key. Develop a daily meditative practice.

As the 4 Noble truths of Buddhism tell us:

  1. Life is Suffering
  2. We Suffer because of Attachment
  3. We don’t need to Suffer, we can Detach, Let Go
  4. We do this through Meditation